The Water Pistol Pro™️
The Water Pistol Pro™️
The Water Pistol Pro™️
The Water Pistol Pro™️

The Water Pistol Pro™️

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Water Pistol Pro: Dominate Water Battles

Engage in water warfare with the Water Pistol Pro, designed for ultimate power and precision. Unleash rapid-fire action with lightning-fast shooting speed, overwhelming your opponents in no time.

Superior Accuracy and Range

Hit targets with pinpoint precision from afar. The Water Pistol Pro's superior accuracy and unmatched range ensure every shot counts.

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort

Stay in the game longer with the ergonomic design and enhanced grip, giving you unparalleled comfort and control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Emma Turner

A very cool looking water pistol, that is decent quality and works well. It offers a good range of around 30ft. It has two ‘magazines’ to choose from, a drum magazine and a clip magazine. I would have rather it used normal AA batteries rather than a rechargeable battery, this would increase the lifetime of the product. Also the size of the product is more made for an adult and maybe big for a child. The price is fair and reasonable and comparable to other water pistols that are electric.

Tyler Green

i have to admit before buying this i was a bit sceptical whether or not this would be a good purchase and from what i can see now by owning it for a couple of days i can truly say its worth it.

Rachel White

Bought for my son! He loves it and had a great water fight with it and the water tank lasts much longer than expected

Ryan Murphy

When unpacking you must first install the battery - it's important you read the instructions as it goes in a certain way and you could end up not being able to get the cover on or worse breaking it if you do it wrong.

Natalie Roberts
The PERFECT Summer toy!

I bought this purely because of the price and was expecting it to be naff and wouldn't be bothered wasting the money
but its actually really good the only problem I've had is if you leave water in it for a few days it starts leaking

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